Hvepseudrydning i Skogskojan

Efter vi i ferien konstaterede at vi fået gæster i Skogskojan i form af hvepse, fik vi fat i noget insektspray, pakkede hvepsebeskyttelsesudstyret og tog i skoven. Karin sørgede for at proppe hullet udendørs med mos, imens Christian sprayede hvepse og hvepsebo indendørs.


Herefter blev boet, og de resterende hvepse, puttet i en […]

Ferie i Sverige

Efter en lang ferie i USA sidste år, var det store ønske i år “bare” at skulle til Sverige. Vi havde derfor lejet det sommerhus som vi plejer at være i, lige nord for Idrefjäll i Fjätervållen.

Det obligatoriske billede i fjeldet, fra en dejlig ferie i Sverige

Tobias kom hjem fra orienteringsløbssommerlejr i […]

Another day in kayak in Crystal River

Our first plan was to go tubing on a river, however after we had experienced how the tubing was on the Rainbow River, we decided to take another day in a kayak, this time on Crystal River, were it also should be possible to see manatees (søkøer).

We hired a kayak for appr. 2 hours […]

More swimming – now in own pool

Just outside inverness we have rented a very big house with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a pool. We were therefore able to continue our project in turning into sponges. The first day went with swimming and a small trip to a nearby national park.

A nice trip into nature

Ready for fun […]

Swimming in the Mexican Gulf – a day of beach vacation

We had some nice and warm days in Clearwater, in a little hotel only 50 meter from the beach. We spend a lot of time in the very nice and warm water, just enjoying a single day of beach vacation. We did some snorkeling and in the end of the day, we all felt like […]

A day on the beach at the Atlantic sea

We had to days at Universal Studios. The first day we saw The Harry Potter Worlds and after a day on the beach, at Cape Canaveral, we went to Universal again and saw some of the other things in universal.

The day in between, we used partly on the beach, which was a nice experience, […]

More summer days in Dataw and surroundings

Over the night a hurricane named Arthur passed by without us taking any notice. However, the following day the beach was closed for swimming due to strong currents, which did not affect people (nor the lifeguards, who were working) and we also went for at walk and dipped our feet.

We also visited an […]

On the road and first day in Dataw Island

We left Atlanta in our fancy car: – and hit the road from Atlanta to Dataw. The most of the way we passed through forest, but when we for near the coast, the landscape changed to tropical views with palms and large areas og marsh. We met Erin and Marc and their four kids: Ella, […]

Shopping and “Jogging” – 29-06-2014

Saturday we went to the airport to pick up the rental car – which where with great expectations. And We weren’t disappointed. We are now driving around in a Chrysler Town & Country, with automatic doors and DVD player.

Chrysler Town & Country

After that we went to the Perimeter Mall to shop and […]

Store rejsedag(e) – the Great Travel Day(s)

Thursday afternoon, we drove to Hamburg where we would depart from with plain early friday morning. We stayed at a small hotel near the airport. In the evening we went to a small restaurant in the neighborhood, at the same time as Germany played soccer against USA.

Selfie på græsk restaurant i Hamburg

We […]